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All-in-one Double-head Laser Cleaning Machine with two handle

Double headed laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products that are easy to install, operate, and achieve automation; In terms of software control, preset modes such as rust removal, paint removal, and oil removal are available, allowing customers to switch modes directly for operation without adjusting parameters; The operation is simple, with power on and the device turned on. It can perform cleaning without chemical reagents, media, dust, or water. It can automatically focus, adhere to the curved surface for cleaning, and has the advantage of high surface cleanliness. It can remove resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings, and paint on the surface of objects.

1 Model Features

a. Higher efficiency, double the efficiency of a single head; No need for any chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly;

b. Zone independent control, allowing for single or double head simultaneous cleaning of the same or different products;

c. Accurate cleaning, which can achieve selective cleaning of precise positions and sizes;

d. Easy to operate, power on is sufficient, and operators can easily board the port after simple training;

e. Only requires a single machine's floor area to save space

2 Cleaning effects


3 Technical Parameters

Serial Number Item Parameters
1 Laser Type Domestic (H) Fiber Laser source Imported (I)  Fiber Laser source
2 Laser Wavelength
3 Cooling Methods Water cooling
4 Fiber Length 3-15M (customizable)
5 Laser Power 200~2000W
6 Supply Voltage AC~220V
7 Overall power 4.6~14kW
8 Cabinet dimensions 1504*790*1496mm
9 Overall weight 410kg
10 Chiller Dual temperature
11 Optional matching Handheld (SC)/Automated (JX)
12 Handheld/automated Standard version 1.4~2.3kg
13 Working environment temperature 0~45℃
14 Certification standards CE certificate


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