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Portable Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine HBS-380P for Metal Marking

Based on portable handheld electric marking machine, the pneumatic type has been added, providing customers with an additional choice
  • HBS-380P

  • HBS


1 Characters

The portable pneumatic marking machine requires the customer to provide their own air source

Except need air source, other is same with HBS-380D.

a. LCD operation, no computer required, simple and easy to use;

b. Compact appearance: Small in size, the handheld pneumatic marking machine is easy to carry and carry, and can be easily placed in the trunk of the car, making it very suitable for real-time operation in outdoor fields;

c. Convenient operation: The handheld pneumatic marking machine is particularly convenient for marking objects that are inconvenient to move, such as car beams, frames, engines, and large mechanical equipment;

2 Photo before shipment (standard machine)


3 Application




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