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Dedicated laser cleaning machine for welding spot

No need for any chemical cleaning solution, safe and environmentally friendly, and consumables free.

1 Technical Parameter

Serial Number Item Parameters
1 Device type
Welding spot laser cleaning machine (standard)
2 Model code SS
3 Laser type Domestic (H) pulse laser/imported (I) pulse laser
4 Laser wavelength 1064nm
5 Cooling methods Air cooling
6 Fiber Length 3~5M (customized)
7 Laser Power 20-100W
8 Supply voltage AC~220  50/60Hz
9 Overall power ≤500W
10 Cabinet dimensions 785*436*1061mm
11 Overall weight 85kg
12 Handheld head weight Standard 1.6kg
13 Ambient Temperature 5~40℃

2 Machine Picture


3. Comparison diagram before and after cleaning



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