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Desktop Electric Dot Peen Marking Machine JZ115D

The compact table design enables you to mark flawlessly and efficiently. Because there is no air pump attached, JZ115D can relocate easily, and the electrically powered system will make the marking process quieter. Built-in programming system with an industrial microcomputer and multiple USB ports allows you to work without a computer. Able to mark in Chinese and English characters, Arabic numbers, automatic Serial numbers sequence, VIN code, QR code, etc.
  • HBS-JZ115D

  • HBS


Production Introduction 

The desktop electric marking machine uses electromagnetic as the kinetic energy to replace pneumatic high-frequency micro impact dot matrix printing, revolutionary saving of air source and greatly reducing printing noise during operation, with no splashing of metal dust during printing; Accurate printing positioning and fast speed; Adopting imported linear bearings and synchronous belt transmission to enhance printing stability and improve printing accuracy; The innovative design and manufacturing of titanium alloy needles result in smooth and beautiful printing effects. It can be widely used in occasions such as car bodies, sheet metal parts, nameplates, etc. that require aesthetic effects, no air supply, and low noise work, especially suitable for exquisite marking of high-end products such as aluminum, copper, electroplating parts, anodized parts, etc.

Product Features

1. No need for gas source computers or industrial microcontrollers to program independently, equipped with multiple USB ports

2. Can engrave products and various labels made of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and plastic stool materials

3. Able to print Chinese, English, Arabic numerals, and any pattern, with standardized and aesthetically pleasing markings

4. Automatic increase (decrease) of serial number, VIN code, random code, QR code, etc

5. The marking needle has a high impact frequency and fast engraving speed, which can meet the needs of large-scale production

6. The force of the marking needle is small and does not affect the mechanical performance of the workpiece

7. The engraving depth is 0.02-1mm (adjustable), which can meet the requirements of various depths

8. Easy to operate and maintain

Technical parameters



Marking content

Numbers, Chinese and English characters, graphics

Engraving range


Repetitive accuracy


Marking Depth

0.02-1mm(Depending on the material)

Marking Speed


Electricity demand


Compressed air



Φ5-100mm(Customizable large circular fixture)



Packing Details

Dimension(cm):  54cm*40cm*81cm

N.W. (kg): 33kg

G.W. (kg): 42kg


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