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Electric Dot Peen Marking Machine HBS-380D

  • HBS-380D

  • HBS


Product Introduction

Electrically powered dot peen marking system 380D can function without the compressed air supply. The marking head only connects with the supply unit, very easy to carry around and can mark on heavy, complex or large objects. Even though 380D is powered by electricity, it is still powerful as the pneumatic marking systems, marking results will be sharp and clean.

The user-friendly interface has integrated into the supply unit, very easy to learn and operate. We have also designed a customized moving cart for 380D which significantly enhanced its mobility.  Besides, the cart has reserved a spot for portable battery allows 380D to work more freely and move to a complex environment as you need. Besides, 380D can be put on the table as well, simply install the marking head on the mounting rack and 380D will be ready to mark.

Product features

1. Our company's latest research and development product, which does not require an air source, is the first in China and has been registered and applied for a patent. Adopting electromagnetic printing, it can work as long as there is a power source, and can be equipped with a battery when working in the field, which has lower noise compared to pneumatic marking systems

2. Convenient to carry machine head is an ideal choice for marking large or difficult to carry bulky workpieces

3. Fully offline operation, friendly human-machine interface, easy to learn and use, and easy to operate

4. It can automatically print Chinese and English characters, serial numbers, VIN codes, dot matrix characters, QR codes, etc

5. The needle is made of hard alloy material, and the hardness of the printed material can reach HRC62

6. Work sites with strong anti-interference, radiation resistance, and adaptability to harsh environments

7. Extremely low failure rate and minimal maintenance

Technical Parameter



Marking Area

30mm x 80mm

Marking Pattern:

Line, Arc, Angularity,Dot-Matrix,

Marking Depth:

≦0.3mm (Adjustable with different material)

Marking Hardness:    


Marking Speed:

2 - 5 Characters Per Second

Power supply:

AC220V ±10% 50Hz

COM Port:    

RS232, USB

Power Consumption:  


130D Marking Area

30mm x130mm

613D Marking Area

60mm x130mm

Marking Sample


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