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Chinese Red Fiber Laser marking Machine HBS-GQ-20B

  • HBS-GQ-20B

  • HBS


Product Introduction

HBS-GQ-20B are designed for marking small and delicate workpieces. For such a small size marking system, you can simply put it on your working table. With our powerful laser source, focus finder system, pilot laser, user-friendly software, motorized Z axis, you can turn your desktop into a small laser marking station. Your design and marking process will be simple and easy.

Product features

1. Fast speed, combined with high-speed galvanometer

2. Small size and light weight

3. No consumables, low power consumption, and power consumption less than 500W

4. Fully air-cooled, no water chiller required, reduced energy consumption

5. Not affected by harsh environments and temperature changes, batteries and car cigarette lighters can be used for operation during power outages

6. The depreciation cost of products can be greatly reduced, which can fully meet the needs of customers for mass and stable production

Technical Parameters

Product Application

Fiber laser marking machines are widely used in: shipbuilding, heavy industry equipment, petroleum equipment, plastic products, electronic chips, gold and silver diamonds, sanitary ware, medical equipment, glasses and watches, automotive parts, plastic paper materials, electronic hardware, gold bars, aviation, aircraft manufacturing, bullet marking

Marking Sample


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