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Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine HBS-GQ-20A1 with Germany CE certificate

  • HBS-GQ-20A1


Product Information

HBS-GQ-20A1 has the newly enclosed design which fully complies with German safety regulations.

Integrated self-shutdown system and the optional waste air exhaust system ensure the health condition and the safety of the operating personnel. When the door opens unexpectedly, or emergency button is pressed down, the system will automatically shut down.

From 20W to100W, we will provide the most suitable laser marking source based on your needs. No matter you want annealing, engraving, ablating, etc., GQ 20A1 can achieve your desired results with no problem. Focus finder system, pilot laser, easy to use software, motorized Z axis, all integrated features will make your marking process more efficient and productive.

Product features

① Complete Safety Cover: the machine is with complete cover design, fully comply with Germany laser safety regulations. The cover have safe system inside: when the door is not completed closed, or open when marking, the laser will shut off;

② Warning Light: the warning light have three functions: when the machine is ready for marking or marking procedure is completed, the light will becomes green; when the machine is in operation or marking, the light will becomes orange or yellow; when the machine is not closed properly(someone open the door when the machine is working), or the machine is not safe, the light will becomes red and it will also alarm.

③ The front door is very safe which is fixed with anti-laser glasses for protecting the operator from hurting by laser emitting;

④ The cover and the machine is flexible, the cover is removable, so if the customer want to mark big parts, they can remove the cover.

⑤ Touch Screen Penal Industry Computer: this computer is in integrated design, computer and the screen is in one part, it's touch screen, or it can controlled by remote mouse and keyboard.

⑥ The whole machine can be equipped with air fume extractor, which can absorb and filter the dust from air, prevent the inhalation of dust air and protect the operator.

Technical Parameters

Packing Details

Marking Sample

marking samples


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