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Full Enclosed Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine HBS-GQ-20C1

  • HBS-GQ-20C1

  • HBS


Product Introduction

The newest full enclosed hand-held marking machine with moving cart design makes the marking operation process very convenient, and optional battery-powered mode makes HBS-GQ-20C1 has no space constraints.

HBS-GQ-20C1 has a portable laser marking head and robust laser source, makes it easier when you are marking complex, heavy objects. Pre-adjusted focus point allows you to mark quick without checking the focus system. Air-cooled laser source makes it robust under harsh environment, and optional battery powered mode allows you go deep into a complex environment and mark with no power supply cable attached.

The marking process are very easy to learn and easy to operate. Under hand-held marking mode, simply press the green button, and you can finish pilot laser positioning, laser marking at one time. Besides, you can also use HBS-GQ-20C1 as a table design working station, in case you need to put workpiece on the table.

Product Advantages

This machine is design for EU market with high safety, high efficient, easy operation, multifunction and environmental friendly advantages.


(1) Air fume extractor(smoke filtration system): The machine is equip with air fume extractor, which can suck out the smoke produced during marking, can reduce the air pollution and avoid any harm for the operator or personnel nearby.

(2) Suction pipe of air fume extractor: which connect the air fume extractor and the laser marking machine head vacuum devices. The smoke/dust air can be sucked away from machine head vacuum to the air fume extractor through this pipe.

(3) Control/Operation panel: includes main switch, control power switch, laser power switch, up/down system button, power exchange button, and power indicator, etc. Please refer to the below picture for more information:

(4) Machine trolley handle: The operator can hold this handle to move the machine to everywhere he want.

(5) Industry touch screen computer: the computer is touch screen with marking machine software pre-installed. The operator can operate the machine through this computer. The computer includes 4 USB port which can easily transfer the file into computer or out.

(6) High precision high speed laser scanner, which is the core part of the laser marking machine, it's very strong and stable during operation.

(7) Scanner Handle(for portable/ handheld marking): when the operator use this machine as portable way, there are two handles for him/her to hold the scanner to proceed marking process.

(8) Manually up/down system: when operator need adjust scanner head height, he can adjust the height by automatically up/down Z axis, or through this manual wheel to adjust the scanner height.

(9) Scanner head height indicator: indicates the height of the scanner, helps the operator to remember the height when marking different objects.

(10) Scanner head seat: the scanner can be take away for portable marking, or can be sit on this supporting structure for standard table marking.

(11) Automatic Z axis(up/down system): the machine is equipped with electric motor for supporting the scanner head moves up/down automatically by pressing up/down button. Derived by electric motor inside.

(12) Dust air suction outlet: The dust air can be sucked out from this outlet.

(13) Anti-laser glass cover: the scanner head is complete covered for preventing the hurt for operator's eyes, the glass is original anti-laser glasses for laser wavelength 1064nm.

(14) Air inlet and safety switch: there are small slot opening for fresh air go inside of the vacuum cover. Under the bottom of the cover, there are 4pcs safety switches for the cover. When the operator operate the machine as portable way, he/she must touch the cover tightly on the objects, otherwise the machine will not be activated and will not marks. The machine only can marks when the cover touches the parts tightly.

(15) Tube for laser power cable and dust air pipe: inside of this tube, there are laser power cable, electric cables and dust air pipe, which send the dust air from the vacuum into the air fume extractor.

(16) Universal wheel and Wheels brake: when the machine be moved into a designated places, the operator can activate the brake to stop the machine.

(17) Laser control main box: including laser power, control systems. All electronic system are inside of this box. Besides, this machine equipped with power transformer, that the operator can fix 1pcs 12V car battery as the machine main power supply, the transformer can transform the power form 12V into 240V for whole machine power supply, in this case, the machine can be moves to everywhere without external power supply.

(18) Machine wheels: the wheels are in big size for supporting operator moves the machine easily under bad ground conditions.

(19) Safety lock: the machine is door is locked with keys. And inside of the door, there are glass cover for both side, to avoid any electric hazard.

(20) Key board and mouse seat: the key board and mouse can be sited on this open box, the box can be also fold or unfold.

Technical Parameters

Marking Sample


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