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Picosecond Laser Cutting Machine


Product Introduction

Picosecond laser cutting machine is suitable for ultra-thin metal materials (copper, gold, silver, aluminum, titanium, nickel, stainless steel, molybdenum, etc.), flexible materials (PET.PI.PP.PVC. Teflon, electromagnetic film, plastic film, etc.), graphene, carbon, fiber, silicon wafer, ceramics, FPC and other materials cutting, drilling, surface microstructure (bionic structure), scribing, grooving, and micromachining of polymer materials and composite materials. The equipment is widely used and has a wide range of applicability. It can realize micro-processing on the surface of various types of materials, and can customize the control depth and width, and realize the functions of surface stripping, etching, scribing, grooving, punching, and cutting of materials.

Product Features

1. Excellent beam quality, long-term operating stability, and negligible thermal effects.

2. Self-developed software control system, which can customize and upgrade various functions according to customer requirements.

3. CCD visual pre-scanning & automatic target grabbing and positioning processing, automatic processing of imported drawing, easy and fast operation.

4. Higher single-pulse energy, higher machining accuracy, can achieve fine machining of almost any solid material.

5. Using picoseond UV laser, ultra-short pulse UV cold laser processing has almost no heat conduction, suitable for high-speed cutting, etching, grooving, drilling of any organic & inorganic materials, with a minimum 3pm edge chipping and heat affected zone.

Application Range

Various types of ultra-thin metals, non-metallic films, graphene, carbon fiber, silicon wafers, ceramics, FPC, PI, PET, PVC, Teflon and other materials, as well as some polymer materials, micro-processing of materials.

Technical Parameters

Sample Display


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