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Tube Laser Cutting Machine BP Series


Product Introduction of Laser Cutting Machine

The BP series tube laser cutting machine is a highly efficient cutting machine designed for cutting lightweight metal tubes, such as square, round, and rectangular tubes. This Laser Cutting Machine is favored in the metal processing industry for its simple and stable structure, excellent rigidity, and high cost performance.

 Features of Laser Cutting Machine

High-quality laser beam: Provides a high-quality laser beam to ensure the stability of the cutting process, while reducing energy consumption and prolonging the service life of the equipment. Efficient tail stock design: Innovative short tail stock design minimizes material waste, with the shortest tail stock up to 110mm. Intelligent Graphic Processing: Built-in advanced processing system capable of automatic and precise cutting according to the preset graphic trajectory. Clean and environmental protection: Equipped with air blowing and side suction function, it effectively reduces dust and smoke during the cutting process and keeps the working environment clean. Perfect Cutting Surface: The surface of the pipe after cutting is smooth and burr-free, with no dross, no blackening, and no yellowing, ensuring the quality of the product.

Product Advantage of Laser Cutting Machine

Multifunctional application: suitable for building construction, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, industrial pipeline, municipal engineering, and many other industries. 

High-efficiency cutting: fast and accurate cutting ability improves productivity and shortens project cycles. Environmentally friendly design: Reduce the generation of cutting dust and smoke, in line with modern industrial environmental standards. 

Easy to Operate: Simplified operation process and intuitive user interface make the equipment easy to learn and use. 

Economic benefits: High cost performance combined with low operating costs provide economic benefits to the organization.

Scope of application of Laser Cutting Machine

Construction industry: for cutting metal pipes and structural parts in building construction. Shipbuilding: for cutting various metal pipes in shipyards. Automobile industry: for metal pipe processing in automobile production. Industrial piping: for manufacturing and maintenance of industrial piping equipment. Municipal engineering: serving in the construction of urban infrastructure, such as natural gas pipelines, water supply systems, etc.

Technical Parameters

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