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Tube Laser Cutting Machine QX Series


Product Introduction

BP series laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting metal pipes such as pipes ( square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes) and other metal pipes. It has a simple and stable structure, good rigidity and high-cost performance.

Product Features

1. Greatly improve and alleviate installation safety and fire safety;

2. Precision cutting, both sides of the pipe are flat after cutting, making it easy to connect

3. The cutting method is simple, fast, and saves a lot of work time;

4. Provide lightweight working methods and design cutting plans according to the workplace (on-site);

5. High safety, no need to move pipes by hand during work;

6. No sparks or dust will be generated to the outside during cutting;

7. Fully functional, capable of cutting various built pipelines in the power system;

8. Cutting pipeline materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, plastic, and multi-layer pipes can all be cut;

9. There are no specific requirements for pipe diameter and working platform;

10. Affordable and cost-effective.

Application Range

Widely used in metal automobiles, forklifts, electrical appliances, hydraulics, textiles, door and window decoration, furniture and kitchen utensils, medical equipment, construction steel structures, oil pipelines, fitness equipment, display supplies, machining and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Sample Display


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