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MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Stainless Steel Color Marking

Our MOPA laser marking system has a more diverse application range, wider pulse width range and is more flexible than the conventional Q-switch platform. The adjustable pulse width can indirectly affects the peak power, allows MOPA laser marking system to mark on a wide variety range of materials with high contrast results, and vivid colors on stainless steels. Finer beam quality ensures the best marking results.
  • HBS-MP-20

  • HBS


1 Product features

1. Adjustable pulse width: The MOPA laser marking machine can achieve flexible control of marking depth, clarity, and speed by adjusting the pulse width. The pulse width can be adjusted according to different materials and application requirements.

2. High peak power: The MOPA laser marking machine has the ability to output peak power, which can provide high energy density laser beams in a short period of time, thereby achieving accurate marking and fine processing of materials.

3. High frequency modulation: MOPA laser marking machine can achieve high frequency modulation and achieve quasi continuous wave effect. This means that multiple pulse marking can be achieved within a certain period of time, improving the marking speed and efficiency.

4. Wide application range: MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for marking and processing various materials, including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc. By adjusting the pulse width and frequency, it can better adapt to the marking needs of different materials.

5. Excellent grayscale control: The MOPA laser marking machine can achieve good grayscale control and achieve more detailed and accurate marking results. This is particularly prominent in applications that require image or text gradient effects.

2 Machine Size


3 Sample Picture


Overall, MOPA laser marking machines can adapt to different materials and marking requirements by adjusting pulse width, high peak power output, high-frequency modulation, and grayscale control, providing more flexible marking solutions.


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