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Mini End Pumped Laser Marking Machine for Plastic Marking

The small table design makes it suitable for office operating environment. With DB series laser source equipped, it has no problem marking on metals, plastics, or even organic materials. Ensuring you the best quality, while keeps your manufacturing cost at a low leval.
  • HBS-DB-10B

  • HBS


1 Product features

The end pump laser marking machine adopts the end pump mode, uses a resonant cavity and temperature control system to optimize the design, achieving high beam quality and high light to light conversion efficiency. Without a bulky water cooling system, the design is compact, the structure is stable, and has a service life of 10000 hours.

The end pump laser marking machine adopts fully imported semiconductor components for end pumping, with the latest generation of laser technology as the core and multiple proprietary technologies. Among them, the new cavity technology reduces the thermal lens effect, ensures the fundamental mode output of the laser, and increases the stability of the optical output. The laser has good beam quality, high peak power, reliable performance, compact structure, convenient adjustment, and low cost Featuring simple operation and maintenance, it is particularly suitable for industrial manufacturing fields such as laser micromachining, laser marking, and laser cutting.

2 Technical Parameter 图片123 Machine size


3. Samples



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