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Plastic Marking Glass Marking UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser fly marking machine
  • HBS-UV

  • HBS


Product Introduction

UV laser marking machine, with the characteristics of laser equipment, can achieve online flight marking function on the assembly line, mainly targeting shallow marking of thin and fragile items such as photovoltaic solar glass.

UV laser marking machine is a product in the laser marking machine series and is also a newly developed laser processing technology. Due to the traditional laser marking machine using laser thermal processing technology, the improvement space in precision has limitations. However, UV laser marking machine using is a cold processing, so the precision and thermal impact are minimized, which is a major leap in laser technology.

UV laser processing has become cold processing because the high-energy molecules of UV photons directly detach the molecules on the metal or non-metallic materials that need to be processed. However, this detachment causes the molecules to separate from the material, and this working method does not generate heat. Due to the non heat generating working method, UV laser processing has become cold processing, which is the source and difference from traditional lasers.

On the basis of cold processing, the effect of processing product materials will achieve better results and better development. When using cold laser processing, the probability of material impact is reduced to 1%, which fully applies the advantages of its processing and also greatly improves laser technology. It is believed that in the future laser market, uv laser will gradually be widely used.

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